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We help change lives for children and adults with learning disabilities, high IQ but low grades, dyslexia, ADD, ADHD, high functioning autism, traumatic brain injury and seniors with mild cognitive impairment.



“Their positive learning environment has made a huge difference in my son’s life.”

“I first heard about Kid Potential through a friend who was researching tutors in our area. My six-and-a-half-year-old son, Colton, was struggling with his reading and writing, so I gave Stacy a call. Colton is highly intelligent; he just needed some extra help. Stacy set up an orientation for him and did testing to identify the specific areas where Colton needed additional support.
He’s been going to Kid Potential twice a week for the past year. The difference in his reading and writing has been remarkable. It’s more than just a tutoring program; they make learning and strengthening kids’ skills enjoyable. My husband, Daren, and I appreciate the extra help. Kid Potential is open seven days a week and they’re very flexible with schedules. Colton goes there for an hour on Fridays and an hour-and-half on Sundays and really likes it.
They work with him and play education-based games involving reading, writing, and spelling. They even practice his weekly spelling words with him to help him better prepare for tests at school. Colton tries really hard and wants to please people, and Kid Potential does a lot of motivational things there like giving out stickers and rewards in recognition of kids’ achievements. Colton just earned a little crystal in celebration of completing his first year.
Another wonderful thing with the Kid Potential program is that it’s not forever—at some point Colton will complete the process. He’s in first grade now and reading at a second-grade level. We hope he’ll be reading even better when he’s done. We’ve seen big changes already; it’s just a great learning environment.”

– Mari Davenport, Sarasota


I wanted to be in touch to let you both know how incredibly impressed I am with McKinley’s strong effort and perseverance! I reassessed her today and her level has jumped from level K instructional to level M instructional (she jumped 2 levels from 8/15 to 9/15!). Parent support and tutoring and McKinley’s incredible work ethic (she takes her time to do it well, she has increased in attention and concentration for sustained periods of time) are truly benefiting and resulting in increased skill and a fast pace! Level M is an end-of-year 2nd grade level. The lexile range at this time that McKinley can read at for continued strong practice is a range of 500-600.

Please let me know if I can answer any questions or clarify at all. I look forward to seeing how much McKinley grows throughout the year!

Best regards,



I cannot say enough wonderful things about Kid Potential!!  In just three short months, they have transformed my 2nd grader into a new person!  At the beginning of the school year he was reading at a Kindergarten grade level.  He just tested and he is now at a 2nd grade reading level in all but one category!  His progress to annual typical growth goal was met at a 218% growth!  He has improved his reading by almost two grade levels!

The teachers are absolutely amazing!  On days we don’t have tutoring, my son asks for it!  He LOVES going to Kid Potential and even loves reading now!  I am beyond thankful for these teachers for their dedication and kind hearts!  We will recommend them 100 times over!

Tiffany M.

Nina showed exemplary work during her tutoring session at Kid Potential this weekend  (April 23,2022).  

She effortlessly read three columns consisting of 25 multisyllabic words.  Nina spelled each word correctly. In addition to the reading and spelling of words, she  also read four passages twice. She was able to recall and recite what each passage  was about. Because Nina seemed less stressed and less distracted, she was able to  demonstrate exceptional focus and determination when it came to pronunciation,  writing, spelling, and reading comprehension. 

It was encouraging to see Nina extremely centered, attentive, and willing to do the work.  She exuded confidence and pride after completing her lesson in language arts.  In fact, Nina completed an entire lesson (chapter) and began another lesson in her  workbook in one session. 

This is a significant change to her normal weekly sessions after school. Understandably,  after a long day at school, she may feel tired or stressed, and therefore, less engaged.  Regardless, she continues to do as much as she can in the time allotted for her weekly  tutoring sessions.  

It is my pleasure to work with Nina. I hope that this notice helps her instructor(s) to  better understand how the daily pressure of interaction and/or stress may affect her  academic performance. 


Stella M.

When my child entered first grade, he was at a preschool reading level, two years behind his classmates.  We started with Kid Potential, and is has been amazing.  The staff is super patient and very clever.  They know how to make learning fun.
The results have been wonderful.  He’s not only caught up, he’s ahead.  Homework is no longer a fight, he isn’t stressing about school, and his grades have gone from C’s and D’s to straight A’s!”

Janice S.

Everyone at Kid Potential is incredibly kind and loving.  They’ve really walked alongside us on this journey.  Since starting this program, my son’s memorization has gone through the roof.  He even memorize all of the presidents!  Kid Potential has helped retrain his brain and develop those building blocks;  they’re helping him to absorb and learn.  They’ve figured out not only how he’s learning, but what styles of teaching work best for him.

Kid Potential unlocked something wonderful in our son, igniting his confidence and motivation to learn!  Our son was having difficulty remembering and following along in class.  He was falling farther behind, until we found Kid Potential.  Stacy was able to identify the specifics issues, and Kid Potential has special tools to unlock the cognitive skills that were lacking.  Our son has shown unbelievable increases in comprehension, working memory, and auditory processing.  He has so much more hope and motivation.  The difference is incredible–almost like magic!”

GY – Sarasota

Kid Potential of Sarasota has made such a positive effect on our entire family.  when we started with Kid Potential, my second-grader was behind academically, struggling with reading, writing, spelling,  and focus.  Working with Kid Potential of Sarasota started to retrain his brain.  I’m estatic to say, after a year of hard work, my son made honor roll!  We are so grateful to have found Kid Potential and all the excellent educators our there!

Janet K

Kid Potential changed everything!  My daughter had trouble sounding out words, with processing speed, and with fluency.  Kid Potential changed everything!  Now, she actually enjoys her homework, and her grades are much better.  She’s much happier and so am I!

Sharon D.



Who Are We at Kid Potential?
We are one of 550 providers of a nationally researched pair of programs called PACE and Master The Code. PACE stands for Processing and Cognitive Enhancement and Master the Code, the other program we offer, re-teaches reading, writing, and spelling codes.  
The goal of PACE and Master the Code is to build brain based learning skills until they reach or exceed age appropriate levels. Students who complete the program can read, write, and spell fluently.  
The PACE program, developed by Dr. Ken Gibson and a collaborating team of learning and medical professionals of Colorado Springs, CO, is based on the idea that there are six underlying areas in the brain that govern learning. If these areas are strong and well developed, the student will be an A/B student. If these areas are weak or underdeveloped, the student will struggle in school and in life.  
Cory | Tutoring Lakewood Ranch FLDo you know Corey?  
Corey is having problems in school.  
His teacher said he has difficulty listening, following directions, and doing his homework. Corey fights frustration everyday and has been called lazy, unmotivated, and a “student at risk…” But Corey’s real problem is not lack of motivation or proper instruction. Rather, he and thousands like him lack brain processing skills. In other words, he may be able to see or hear information, but he cannot identify, interpret, comprehend, remember, or stay on task.
Are weak cognitive skills holding back your student?
Science validates that the real cause of a person’s ability to learn is his or her cognitive skill’s strength or weakness. If skills are strong, learning comes easily and “naturally.” If skill weaknesses remain hidden, he or she will struggle to learn or read.  
If your child struggles to learn to read, you want answers.
Some would suggest that you blame the school, the teachers, or the curriculum. Others would have you blame your child! (He’s not motivated. She just can’t understand.) STOP! Successful learning requires strong underlying skills. The majority of learning struggles are due to weakness in underlying skills.  
The good news? Skills can be strengthened.  
The Six Underlying Areas of the Brain Which Govern Learning Are:
  1. Processing Speed: How rapidly and correctly the brain can move through written material to find what it is looking for; how quickly the brain processes information.
  3. Active Working Memory: The brain’s ability to make a protein print (called an engram) and retrieve that piece of information from its memory.
  5. Visual Perception/Processing Skills: The brain’s ability to handle information from pictures, drawings and shapes. It deals with your ability to use maps, graphs, charts, or set up word problems. This helps the student in the area of math.
  7. Central Auditory Processing: The brain’s ability to blend, interpret, and use the 43 sounds of the English language. Problems in this area are on of the best indicators of Dyslexia. Problems in this area result in difficulty concentrating, listening, reading, remembering, writing paragraphs and papers, spelling and following directions.
  9. Word Attack: The brain’s ability to sound out words. This allows you to successfully sound out and pronounce any word in the English language regardless of the length or difficulty of the word.
  11. Logic and Reasoning: The brain’s ability to break down complex projects into a sequence of steps. Students who are strong in logic and reasoning like to figure things out on their own. A short attention span makes this very difficult. Logic and reasoning exercises train the brain to focus, pay attention and concentrate. This helps with ADD/ ADHD.
Mission Statement
Enjoy the Benefits of Kid Potential
  • Increase Reading Levels Up to 4 years in Only 60 hours!
  • Increased Spelling Levels
  • Higher Test Scores and Grade Point Average
  • Take Less Time to Do Homework
  • We Make Learning Fun!
  • Train The Brain, Get Smarter, Guaranteed
    At Kid Potential Sarasota, we are STRUCTURING STRONGER STUDENTS and building the best brains for the 21st century!
    PACEMaster The Code
    Thank you for your interest. For questions or comments, please use the information listed here. We look forward to hearing from you soon.  
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