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Unlock The Einstein Inside

Are weak cognitive skills holding back your student?

Science validates that the real cause of a person’s ability to learn is his or her cognitive skill’s strength or weakness. If skills are strong, learning comes easily and “naturally.” If skill weaknesses remain hidden, he or she will struggle to learn or read.  
If your child struggles to learn to read, you want answers.  
Some would suggest that you blame the school, the teachers, or the curriculum. Others would have you blame your child! (He’s not motivated. She just can’t understand.) STOP! Successful learning requires strong underlying skills. The majority of learning struggles are due to weakness in underlying skills. The good news? Skills can be strengthened.  
Learn about cognitive skills training in Dr. Ken Gibson's book "Unlock The Einstein Inside". Click on the book cover to the right to instantly download your free digital copy.  
The Six Underlying Areas of the Brain Which Govern Learning Are:  
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